[KCON CD] Day 1/5 – Ultimate Countdown Playlist

The Ultimate KCON playlist compiled by HALLYU Tanya seems like the fitting playlist to feature on the last day of the KCON countdown.


The playlist features all the performing artists at the KCON concert. I-yeoja cant wait to rock with these K-Stars.


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[KCON CD] Day 2/5 – Throw Back Thursday With CNBlue

It should be more than apparent that I-yeoja is crazy about CNBlue. There are no words to describe the kind of relationship she has with this band.

As the countdown continues and with 2 days to KCON 2014, she’s sharing a collection of their music video here for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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[KCON CD] Day 4/5 – Crayon by G-dragon


G-Dragon is one more artist, I-yeoja is very excited to see perform at KCON 2014. His mad talent as well as his eclectic style keeps drawing her in every time she comes in contact with all things G-Dragon.

His song ‘Crayon’ depicts some of I-yeoja’s sentiments about living.

“Why So Serious?”, when you can “Get Your Cray On” , is a mantra too be used when life throws those unexpected curve balls at you.

The music video is as colorful and upbeat as any YOLOer would expect and love. Enjoy below.

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[PHOTO ] My Yonghwa For Esquire Magazine.

This kid is handsome. He isn’t the most handsome guy around but, he is handsome and that’s all there is too it.

Yonghwa will be featured in august issue of Esquire magazine and I-yeoja was able to find some of his photos for the magazine and is sharing here.

First of, what’s with the banana in this photo? {confused look on}







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