Friday Playlist 20141909


Welcome back to Friday Playlist. Press Play below… 😉

Its FRIDAY and its also HIP-HOP week. I-yeoja is so excited about this playlist because every artist listed in aaah-maaay..ziiiing!!!

One of the reason for her excitement is BTS. Those boys are freaking talented that they need a separate post just for gushing over how aaaww-somely fantastic they are.

Then there’s CL “The Baddest Female”, whom she totally adores (YES..she’s biased about 2NE1, her other favorite band after CNBLUE) and Tasha, whom she recently discovered and is bad-ass at rapping.

Oh, not to forget BlockB and Epik High, I-yeoja is HIGH on these beats right now.

Here’s what is on the playlist:

☆ ★ Epik High – New Beautiful
★ ☆ BTS – Tomorrow
☆ ★ Got7 – Follow Me
★ ☆ Tasha – Get It In
☆ ★ BlockB – No Joke
★ ☆ Dynamic Duo – Baam
☆ ★ CL – MTBD

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[KCON CD] Day 1/5 – Ultimate Countdown Playlist

The Ultimate KCON playlist compiled by HALLYU Tanya seems like the fitting playlist to feature on the last day of the KCON countdown.


The playlist features all the performing artists at the KCON concert. I-yeoja cant wait to rock with these K-Stars.


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