Friday Playlist 20140310


Welcome back to Friday Playlist. Press Play below… 😉

This is the first playlist of the month and Iyeoja has selected songs that are currently on repeat on her Milk Music Play.

This is an exciting month for her as she gets to go back to the place of her birth since she left to study 4 years ago… So much excitement in the air for her and she can’t contain it.

Anyways, she hopes you enjoy the song selection for the week.

Here’s what is on the playlist:

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Friday Playlist 20142507

안녕하세요 [Hello]  and welcome to this weeks playlist.

This week, she was feeling a little down and thought a groovy playlist would boost her mood.

Here’s what is on the playlist:

☆ ★ 2NE1 – Do You Love Me
★ ☆ Block B – Nillili Mambo
☆ ★ T-Ara – Sexy Love
★ ☆ Epik High – Its Cold
☆ ★ Girls Generation – Mr Taxi
★ ☆ Shinee – Why So Serious (this one did the
☆ ★ BoA – Hypnotic Dancefloor (now she’s all groovy and ready to burn up the dance floor)

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[VIDEO] 2NE1 Crush {Japanese Version}

The music video for Crush was produced with the Japanese version of the song and thanks to Jpopsuki TV, the MV is available to watch online and BlackJacks can enjoy it before its release on the 25th June 2014.

The MV remains as upbeat and colorful as you can expect from most 2NE1’s MV.

more of this seoulful moment