Friday Playlist 20161811

Iyeoja is trying really hard to get back into blogging about some of the things she finds interesting about Korea and the motivation she needed today was finding a facebook memory tag from 2 years ago, where her sister had mentioned that she was always looking forward to the Friday playlists. That was all the motivation she needed for this here playlist.

Todays playlist is a collection of my top 7 songs from the recently concluded “SHOW ME THE MONEY” season 5. I got to say that all the tracks are dope as I have them on repeat on my drive to and from work, but this 7 are my favorite with tracks by Team Illionare in the lead.

Enjoy and stay safe this weekend!

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Friday Track 20161111

Iyeojas’ all time favorite korean hip-hop group/label ‘ILLIONAIRE’ have released another title track (Illionaire anthem) to celebrate another year of “ILLIONAIRE DAY’.

The track titled ‘ILLIONAIRE EVERYDAY’ was released November 11th, 11:11pm korean time. Track starts with Beenzino’s silky tone, followed by The Quiett easy flow and then Dok2 charismatic rap. No matter what they do, Iyeoja loves every second of it.


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Throw Back to My Few Hours With Illionaire

So Iyeoja was driving to work and listening to ‘All About’ by The Quiett and came to the realization that the world we live in now really is about money and power. It should be about God but everything these days is about ‘money’ and ‘power’. The more money you have, the more power you have to control things and people. This in a way is very sad.

Anyways as she lisened to this music and got so into it (dancing and head bobbing in the car) she flashed back to the time she stood beside The Quiett and Dok2 when they were on tour in chicago for their No Rest Concert. That was a great time for her. Standing side by side both of them, shaking hands, talking and sharing the same air with them was so surreal. Iyeoja is hardly star struck but that day, she was on a star stricken high. She thinks she kinda had a connection with Dok2.

As for the concert, there are no words to describe the different emotions she was feeling as the concert went on. Prior to the night, she’d had a thing for The Quiett but as the show progressed from the Meet and Greet, Dok2 had wheedled his way to her heart. Now all she cares for is how she can be best buds with both of them.

Enjoy the concert videos below ;).

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[MV]BigBangs’ Loser & Bae Bae MV Released

So the bosses have dropped 2 of their much anticipated music from their comeback series M.A.D.E with accompanying music videos. This is the first of 5 drops that will be coming out 1st of the next months to come.

As usual, we have very high resolution videos going on.

Enjoy below.
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Friday Playlist 20153001


It’s the last Friday of the first month of the year 2015.

Press Play below… 😉

And I-yeoja knows she made a promise to be more consistent with blogging. But the reality of life is just too hard to keep up with some of her favorite past times. 🙁

Please be more understanding of her. 제발 ??

So about this playlist, it was inspired by music from the drama Plus Nine Boys (can be watched now on Viki). The sound tracks from this drama had a very good feel to it and was really pleasing to I-yeoja’s ears.

Here’s what is on the playlist:

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