[MV]BigBangs’ Loser & Bae Bae MV Released

So the bosses have dropped 2 of their much anticipated music from their comeback series M.A.D.E with accompanying music videos. This is the first of 5 drops that will be coming out 1st of the next months to come.

As usual, we have very high resolution videos going on.

Enjoy below.
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[MV-RELEASE] Good Boy – GD x Taeyang

The long awaited ‘Good Boy’ video by GD and Taeyang is finally heeyaw!

Its the same ole party jam 😒😒, not Iyeoja is really feeling it 😑😑 although she likes the dance ;);). Guess it may be one of those that creep up on you and then you just cant stop listening, or watching. We’ll see.

Anyhoo, enjoy.
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[JOTD] 미친사람들 Crazy! Go Crazy!

So Iyeoja has jammed this song for the millionth time today since listening for the first time at 6AM (Gym time) and has gone CRAZY for it. This songs MV saw her through the treadmill routine this morning.


It’s such a fun party rocking song that should get you moving to the beats no matter how stiff/reserved you may be.

Click to start jamming!!!