D-OST: I Love You To Death – Yoon Geon (Prime Minister and I)

There is really nothing I-yeoja has to say about the song except that she just likes it. It’s mellow melody and the instrumentals appeal to her a-lot.

She’s going to take on translating this song to English as a challenge. WATCH THIS SPACE…

죽을 만큼 사랑하라 저 태양처럼
jugeul mankeum saranghara jeo taeyangcheoreom
네 가슴만은 뜨거웁게 내 품을 감싸고
ne gaseummaneun tteugeoupge nae pumeul gamssago
이미 난 모든걸 잃었어
imi nan modeungeol irheosseo
진실도 버려 고개 숙인 내 모습
jinsildo beoryeo gogae sugin nae moseup

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D-OST: Butterfly – Hye Rim (Cruel City/Heartless City OST)

Heartless City OST – Butterfly by Jo Hye Rim (Song and lyrics)
[Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]
혜림 – Butterfly

혜림 – Butterfly
Hye Rim – Butterfly

areumdaun neol darma
아름다운 널 닮아
gin yeohaengeul gane
긴 여행을 가네
sonkkeut daheul teumdo
손끝 닿을 틈도

So why don’t you hold me
meomchulsun eomni
멈출순 없니
nohajugireul bonaejugireul
놓아주기를 보내주기를
more of this seoulful moment!

D-OST: Everyday – Jo Jeong Hee (Cruel City/Heartless City OST)

Heartless City OST – Everyday by Jo Jeong Hee (Song and lyrics)
[Hangeul, Romanization & Translation]
조정희 – Everyday


Drama: Heartless City ~ 무정도시 ~ Moojeongdoshi
Aired: 2013
Can be found here: Drama Fever, Drama Fire

This is a story about forbidden love, loyalty, betrayal. After her friend is murdered while trying to bust a drug gang, Han Soo Min sets out as an undercover agent to revenge her friends death. While working undercover to infiltrate the drug gang, she falls in love with a dark stranger who unbeknownst to her is the drug king pin she has set out to destroy. Their love is an ill fated one.

more of this seoulful moment!