[01062015] Have You Seen This?

A new production titled “My Roommate From The Stars” by SBS Network will be showing soon. The drama starring two of my favorite actors (Jo In Sung) and (Kim Soo Hyun) promises enough hilarity and melodramatics.


This is definitely one drama you don’t want to miss. See the 2mins trailer below.

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Hotel King Ends This Week


It is the final two episodes of Hotel King this week and all I-yeoja can think about is “I hope Lee Joong-goo dies.”

He’s not the worst villain in k-drama land but he’s definitely the most annoying, galling, infuriating, irritating, obnoxious, terrible antagonist so far. A drama bad guy has not gotten under her skin as much as this guy has and she doesn’t hope for a happy ending for him. Jail time will not cut it…


See more of why he’s a nabbeun namja

[DRAMA] What Happens After “You Are All Surrounded”?

With only one episode left of the drama “You Are All Surrounded”, I-yeoja is already experiencing withdrawal syndromes.

This is not because the show is the most fantastic of all shows, actually it is just a little over average, but because she wonders how long it’ll take before she sees Cha Seung-Won and Lee Seung-Gi together on screen again.

These guys are two of her favorite actors

and having then together in one drama after a brief time in “Greatest Love” was like finding out you succeeded in getting P1 tickets to KCON 2014 [FYI, didn’t get P1 tickets but she’s sure the feeling would have been comparable].
more seoulful moments!!

Viki Series Subbers Have The Most Interesting Team Names

I-yeoja recently took high notice of the names of the subbing teams on Viki after she saw that for the korean series “Cunning Single Lady”. After that, she started noticing some others and the ones she’s seen so far are hilarious.

Here’s a list of a few she found interesting and fun.

★ Cunning Single Lady – The Foxy Team
★ Hotel King – At Your Service Team
★ The Moon Embracing The Sun – Eclipse Team
★ Marriage without dating/Marriage, Not Dating – Forget Dating, Give Me The Ring Team (Favorite)
★ Rooftop Prince – The Joseon Power Rangers
★ It’s Okay, That’s Love – The OCD Team
★ Masters Sun – I see Dead People team
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[News] CNBLUE Yonghwa confirmed for a lead role in ‘The Three Musketeers’

Although this story is about Yonghwa, I-yeoja also has to mention that another one of her favorite man is also starring for a lead role in this mini-series. Lee Jin Wook, who is recently confirmed to be dating I-yeoja’s favorite girl Gong Hyo-Jin, is cast as the Crown Prince So Hyun.

via [CNBLUESTORM News] CNBLUE Yonghwa confirmed for a lead role in ‘The Three Musketeers’.


more of this seoulful moment…

D-OST: I Love You To Death – Yoon Geon (Prime Minister and I)

There is really nothing I-yeoja has to say about the song except that she just likes it. It’s mellow melody and the instrumentals appeal to her a-lot.

She’s going to take on translating this song to English as a challenge. WATCH THIS SPACE…

죽을 만큼 사랑하라 저 태양처럼
jugeul mankeum saranghara jeo taeyangcheoreom
네 가슴만은 뜨거웁게 내 품을 감싸고
ne gaseummaneun tteugeoupge nae pumeul gamssago
이미 난 모든걸 잃었어
imi nan modeungeol irheosseo
진실도 버려 고개 숙인 내 모습
jinsildo beoryeo gogae sugin nae moseup

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Unknowing World

The world has no answer
Marrying someone knowing whether you’ll be happy or not,
That’s something nobody would know.
Don’t look for the answer.

With every decision, the right and wrong answer coexist.
Wise people make a decision and work towards making it the right choice.
Foolish people make a decision and regret making it the wrong choice.

The world has no answer,
But there is a process of making a decision the right answer.

– Emergency Couple Ep 17