Throw Back to My Few Hours With Illionaire

So Iyeoja was driving to work and listening to ‘All About’ by The Quiett and came to the realization that the world we live in now really is about money and power. It should be about God but everything these days is about ‘money’ and ‘power’. The more money you have, the more power you have to control things and people. This in a way is very sad.

Anyways as she lisened to this music and got so into it (dancing and head bobbing in the car) she flashed back to the time she stood beside The Quiett and Dok2 when they were on tour in chicago for their No Rest Concert. That was a great time for her. Standing side by side both of them, shaking hands, talking and sharing the same air with them was so surreal. Iyeoja is hardly star struck but that day, she was on a star stricken high. She thinks she kinda had a connection with Dok2.

As for the concert, there are no words to describe the different emotions she was feeling as the concert went on. Prior to the night, she’d had a thing for The Quiett but as the show progressed from the Meet and Greet, Dok2 had wheedled his way to her heart. Now all she cares for is how she can be best buds with both of them.

Enjoy the concert videos below ;).

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Chicago Did Go Crazy With 2PM


She knows, she know. “What Yay!?” you may be thinking but I-yeoja does understand your grievances. Its been ages since she last posted and she hopes you can forgive her negligence. Mian e.

Ok..back to YAY!!!! Chicago did indeed go crazy with 2PM this past Sunday night. It was an absolute fun time to let loose and just feel the groove.

Come on now, its 2PM, what would you have expected outside of a totally fab time??

Anywoo, the videos from the concert from her minute videoing experience is ready.

Continue to get in the groove..

[KCON CD] Day 1/5 – Ultimate Countdown Playlist

The Ultimate KCON playlist compiled by HALLYU Tanya seems like the fitting playlist to feature on the last day of the KCON countdown.


The playlist features all the performing artists at the KCON concert. I-yeoja cant wait to rock with these K-Stars.


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[KCON CD] Day 2/5 – Throw Back Thursday With CNBlue

It should be more than apparent that I-yeoja is crazy about CNBlue. There are no words to describe the kind of relationship she has with this band.

As the countdown continues and with 2 days to KCON 2014, she’s sharing a collection of their music video here for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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[KCON CD] Day 4/5 – Crayon by G-dragon


G-Dragon is one more artist, I-yeoja is very excited to see perform at KCON 2014. His mad talent as well as his eclectic style keeps drawing her in every time she comes in contact with all things G-Dragon.

His song ‘Crayon’ depicts some of I-yeoja’s sentiments about living.

“Why So Serious?”, when you can “Get Your Cray On” , is a mantra too be used when life throws those unexpected curve balls at you.

The music video is as colorful and upbeat as any YOLOer would expect and love. Enjoy below.

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[T.B.C] B.A.P Live On Earth Concert 2014 – Chicago Attack

The third of their four US stops for the Live On Earth 2014 Continent Tour,the Chicago invasion by B.A.P was BANGtacular!!!


The invasion happened last Saturday April 19th, 2015 at the Star Plaza Theater Merriville, Indiana where unbeknownst to them of what was to come, Midwest ‘BABYz’ (fan club name) had waited excitedly to see their kpop idols. The wait, I-yeoja might add, was not just a couple of minutes, but hours as some fans would rather be out in the scorching sun than miss an opportunity to sight the band members as they arrived. Some had also used that as an opportunity to have k-pop meetups with other fans.

As the theater quickly filled up with excited Babyz and the lights dimmed to introduce B.A.P, earth chattering screams and chants resonated sharply all around I-yeoja. It being her second k-pop concert after ‘Boyfriend’, she’d never felt/experienced such electrifying energy before and that kind off got her all pumped and excited too. Speckles of green lights (from fans glow sticks) could be spotted all over the dark theater making it look indeed like an alien invasion.

B.A.P took over the stage with their entrance performance ‘One Shot’ which was brilliantly done. You could tell by the awe stricken screams of all the fan girls and boys resonating around the theater, making it almost difficult to hear the song playing. ‘One Shot’ was immediately followed by a flawless performance of ‘BadMan’ which preceded a powerful delivery of ‘Power’ led by Bang Yong-guk.

While B.A.P got ready for their next setlist, a Matoki video of Youngjae & Zelo answering the question “What is Love?” was played to keep fans entertained. I-yeoja definitely found it both cute and entertaining.

‘Lovesick’ followed immediately after and then fans were treated to soda looking ‘coffee’ from the ‘Babys Coffee Shop’. They even had a barista present to brew fresh ‘coffee’ for fans and each member set out and took fans orders. I-yeoja has to say this, B.A.P were very entertaining and did their best to interact with their fans which was very sweet. After serving coffee, they went on to perform ‘Coffee Shop’, fans favorite, and then ‘Body and Soul’. ‘Body and Soul’ which is one of their recent ballad, was used to calm down the heavily pulsating theater.

I-yeoja can go on and on about how awesome all their performances were, but she’d just let you enjoy some of the pictures that captured what an awesomely electrifying night it was. I-yeoja thinks she was mostly drawn to Zelo. He seemed all over the place with his enthusiastic moves and flawless rap skill.

They even made fans learn a dance that would prove their awesomeness to eternity. How fantastic is that?! 😉


For their last set, which is were B.A.P completely let loose and had so much fun, they performed ‘Hurricane’, ‘Dancing in the rain’, ‘Stop it’..among others and then B.A.P and fans went on show to so much love to Himchan for his 24th Birthday. Of course, BABYz went into a screaming frenzy of ‘Saranghae’ and ‘Happy Birthday’.

What made the night more memorable for I-yeoja was the show of support to the family of the Sewol ferry tragedy through twitter posts. Before a video made of each members support post was played, Bang Yong-guk had asked fans to pray and show support to the victims of the tragedy. I-yeoja can only imagine how heavy hearted the band member would have felt, having to perform abroad when back home the country was heavy with sadness from the tragedy.

In all, it was a night to be remembered for a long time as a night Chicago (more like indiana, taken into account the venue was attacked by 6 aliens who brought with them such magnetic excitement and happiness to last for awhile.


And to the guys who made the whole night all the more electrifying with lights and sounds, I-yeoja says ‘Thank You’.

Fans even after the show still wanted a piece of B.A.P to take home as keepsakes.

To watch the videos and relive that exciting 2hrs, please see I-yeoja’s YouTube playlist of Fancam of the concert.

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TBT: Thoughts On The Boyfriend Concert.

In anticipation of the upcoming B.A.P Live on Earth concert this Saturday, I-yeoja decided to do a throwback post on her last korean concert. The BoyFriend concert which happened March 11 in Chicago.


She has to mention that this was also her very first K-Pop concert and in as much as the logistics behind the production was far from great, the performance and show put up by Boyfriend was superb.

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