Throw Back to My Few Hours With Illionaire

So Iyeoja was driving to work and listening to ‘All About’ by The Quiett and came to the realization that the world we live in now really is about money and power. It should be about God but everything these days is about ‘money’ and ‘power’. The more money you have, the more power you have to control things and people. This in a way is very sad.

Anyways as she lisened to this music and got so into it (dancing and head bobbing in the car) she flashed back to the time she stood beside The Quiett and Dok2 when they were on tour in chicago for their No Rest Concert. That was a great time for her. Standing side by side both of them, shaking hands, talking and sharing the same air with them was so surreal. Iyeoja is hardly star struck but that day, she was on a star stricken high. She thinks she kinda had a connection with Dok2.

As for the concert, there are no words to describe the different emotions she was feeling as the concert went on. Prior to the night, she’d had a thing for The Quiett but as the show progressed from the Meet and Greet, Dok2 had wheedled his way to her heart. Now all she cares for is how she can be best buds with both of them.

Enjoy the concert videos below ;).

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