[01062015] Have You Seen This?

A new production titled “My Roommate From The Stars” by SBS Network will be showing soon. The drama starring two of my favorite actors (Jo In Sung) and (Kim Soo Hyun) promises enough hilarity and melodramatics.


This is definitely one drama you don’t want to miss. See the 2mins trailer below.


If you didn’t already know, the write up above was just a fluke. Hahahaha

The video you’ve just watched is a parody created and was aired during the recent SBS Drama awards show on Dec 31 2015. It is a mashup of the male characters from two dramas that Iyeoja completely loves titled “Its Okay, Thats Love” and “My Love From Another Star” and the title is gotten from currently airing SBS variety show “Roommate” which is another brilliant production by SBS. If you are not watching “Roommate”, then you should definitely check it out.

Anywoo, Iyeoja hopes you enjoyed this clip as much as she did.

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