Chicago Did Go Crazy With 2PM


She knows, she know. “What Yay!?” you may be thinking but I-yeoja does understand your grievances. Its been ages since she last posted and she hopes you can forgive her negligence. Mian e.

Ok..back to YAY!!!! Chicago did indeed go crazy with 2PM this past Sunday night. It was an absolute fun time to let loose and just feel the groove.

Come on now, its 2PM, what would you have expected outside of a totally fab time??

Anywoo, the videos from the concert from her minute videoing experience is ready.

Please please please, she is not a professional and all videos were recorded with a pocket camera, so imagine having to jump and dance while recording a video, a steady shot ain’t to be expected people. That is not to say that the videos are not viewable and wont deliver the much expected experience of being there LIVE. {she hopes..hehehe}

Pictures are in the works as editing is so much more pain than she expected :(. Those will be posted as soon as they are ready. Enjoy the playlist of all the performances from the concert and please don’t forget to like this post and also follow the blog.

Jeongmal Gamsahabnida!!

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