[JOTD] 미친사람들 Crazy! Go Crazy!

So Iyeoja has jammed this song for the millionth time today since listening for the first time at 6AM (Gym time) and has gone CRAZY for it. This songs MV saw her through the treadmill routine this morning.


It’s such a fun party rocking song that should get you moving to the beats no matter how stiff/reserved you may be.

After enjoying the song so much and thought to drop a comment on YouTube, she was so surprised to find negative comments about this song (well, we all have different tastes/likes. She’s all for goofy, dorky). There were so many comments that just made her say “aaaaah come on guuuuys. Just enjoy the song and stop reading overtly too much into this.” One even suggested that the song was promoting drunk driving. [HUNH? \O-O/]. How? Where? Is it the hand and leg dance which depicts bike driving?

Ok let’s analyze the 2 MVs.

Non-Party Version does not have a single glass or bottle of drink in sight but has the boys moving from location to location (via bike dance..lol..) partying it up and going crazy having fun..No drunk driving in my opinion.

Party Version has the boys drinking and partying up from place to place but without the driving dance. So we can safely say they hired a substitute driver to move them around. No drunk driving in my opinion.

People please, enjoy the song and appreciate it, no making up stories where there is none…lol…Live Life, Live It Up!

See 1:48 timing on MV
“Energy is the gift of youth,
Distress is the poison of youth
No tomorrow, no day but today”

BTW, she does not support or condone any form of bad behavior (excessive smoking or drinking, skirt or pant chasing, DRUNK DRIVING etc.)

Enjoy your week ahead saramdeul.

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Image via 2pm Kakao